State of the Yankees

So it’s August 15. There’s only 46 games left this season and we’re 6 games up on Boston in the loss column. That is a very good place to be…This time last year, weren’t we on our way to missing the playoffs for the first time in forever? Yup, we were.
But this isn’t last year. This is a whole different team. CC and Burnett are both coming around and pitching amazingly well right now. A.J.’s pitching better, in my opinion, but it’s hard not to be content with either of them on the mound. Teixeira? Probably the best sign. Not only can he hit, but guess what, he can play defense! Yankees didn’t see any of that with Giambi out there.
Anyway, we have an amazing team right now, don’t take it for granted. But enjoy it, because if we keep winning, this could be a World Series-bound team.

Yankees Roster

Right now, Our roster is looking really good. 

For Pitchers, we have Sabathia, Wang, Burnett, Joba, and Hughes/Kennedy.


Potential Batting Order-

Looks good enough for me.

In other news…I just found out that the Orioles and the Blue Jays left the AL East and went to the AL Central.  I don’t know when that happened, but it wasn’t publicized well at all.

Been A While


Well it’s been A while since I’ve written anything, and I don’t even know if anybody’s reading this, but I’ll write it anyway…

We got CC and A.J. That’s good news. Don’t say that CC’s arm is tired, because it’s obviously not. Everybody baby’s pitchers too much. That’s what they do, they pitch. CC can handle it.

I love Pettitte, but to be honest, he didn’t come through for us this year. So if we don’t get him, I won’t be that dissapointed, because I think it’s best for the team.

But we will be loaded with pitchers next year. CC, Joba, A.J., and the guy everybody forgets about, Wang. Plus Hughes and Kennedy are always an option.

It’s really not looking like we’ll get Tiexera. And I think we need him. More than we needed CC or A.J. Because the Yankees problem this year was their offense, not their defense.

Ok…I’ll start updating more. If anything happens, that is.



I don’t like the Phillies.

Looks like we probably won’t get Moose back…Which is dissapointing, coming off his best year. And the way Pettitte pitched this year, I’m not really sure I want him back. I love Pettitte more than anybody, but we need guys to perform. And he didnt really do that.

I hate Arod.

Not that it matters. Just thought I’d get that back out there.

Sabathia. I think people are making way too big a deal of his innings. All of a sudden pitchers can’t pitch or else they’ll hurt their arms.

I was watching an interview of a pitcher from back in the day, and they asked him what his highest pitch count was, and he said ‘380’.

His arm is fine.

I could go on forever about Arod. Can anybody argue his case for me? Because I’ll be glad to listen. But there’s more to baseball than stats. He’s had great stats playing for the Yankees. And where has that brought us? No where. He can’t carry a team to a World Series. I don’t know why, because he obviously has the talent. But as long as he is on the team, I don’t think we will win.

I hope he proves me wrong. I really do. But I don’t think he will…

World Series, Game 3


It went a little bit long, but I liked it.

At first I was going to root for the Rays in this series, but then I figured that since they’re in our division I should be rooting against them. But it’s too hard to root against these guys. It’s easy to root for all the players, they have a great manager, what’s not to like?

But they need to win tonight and keep the series tied or else they might be in trouble.

Offseason News


Ok…2009 will be a good year.

Potential rotation:


Not great, but that should be good enough to win us a lot of games.

Potential Defense

3B-A Rodriguez
OF-Nady, Damon, possibly Gardner or Justin Christian, or Abreu if he comes back. And there’s always Melky.

Potential Batting Order.


Ok, It definitely wouldn’t be in that order. But with that group of guys, how bad could we turn out?

September 4…against the Rays

So…2/3 from the Rays isn’t bad.  But I think it’s too little too late.  Even if they swept Tampa Bay, the playoffs would still be far from reach.  This is starting to sink in now and it is making me sad…And this is a terrible way for the old Stadium to go.  But, maybe something miraculous will happen, and the Yankees will find a way to get to the playoffs.  Anything could happen, at this point (I hope).

So I’m not ready to count the Yankees out of it yet.  Maybe it’s just that I don’t want this to happen.  In any case, I still have a little bit of hope left.  Do you?

Instant Replay

So, If your team happens to be playing the first game of a series on
Thursday, don’t be surprised to find out that Instant Replay will be in
effect for that game.

The Umpires are part of the game. They say the will only use replay for
fair/foul calls, but once you use it for that, why not use it for
safe/out calls. And once you use it for that, why don’t you just
replace the umpires with a machine that calls balls and strikes? The
game is great because umpires are humans, and sometimes they screw up a
call, but more times than not, they get the call right. So don’t mess
with it.

2. We all like to see the managers argue. That’s another part of the game. Don’t take that away from us.

You can’t change rules in the middle of a season. If it was the
post-season, which still wouldn’t make sense, it would be okay. But
just picking a random day to use replay doesn’t make sense.

But at least they’re only using it for home run calls-so far. Hopefully it stays that way.